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At Your Bark and Call offers the following benefits for you and your pet:

Mobile grooming can be more than just a convenience. Why send your dog to a grooming shop to sit in a cage for 6-8 hours? Being in a strange loud environment can be very stressful for dogs. Most grooms take less than two hours. When you call us we bring our full size, self contained and powered facility to you. Instead of you loading the dirty dogs in the car, taking them to the pet shop, going home and waiting several hours…then returning to pick them up, we come directly to your door, groom your dogs in our van and return them with NO CAGE TIME!

    Hot and cold fresh water hydro massage bath
    Full size bath tub
    Rotating grooming table that raises and lowers
    Heat and Air Conditioning for comfortable climate inside the van
    Less stress and anxiety on your pet
    Saves delivery and pickup trips to the salon
    Your pet isn’t crated all day
    No exposure to other dogs, diseases and parasites.
    Personally hand/fluff dried not cage dried
    Convenient service at your home or office
    One on one professional care
    Sanitary and disinfected environment
    Ideal for older pets

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